STEM Academy at NHHS


The STEM Academy at North Hall High School is a program designed for students with interests and aptitude in Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Mathematics.  The STEM Academy is a technology-rich environment where students are encouraged to recognize and develop connections between content areas using real-world problems as a basis for learning.

Rigorous course work is a foundational component of the STEM learning environment and prepares students for success in advanced classes in high school, IB coursework, dual-enrollment, etc.  Students take advanced classes in all curriculum areas; a detailed plan (course progression) can be viewed by selecting “STEM Program Requirements” from the menu on the right.

In addition, North Hall STEM Academy students choose from three focus areas for their primary elective studies!

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STEM Highlights

STEM Academy Philosophy

STEM Academy students utilize state-of-the-art tools and technology in all of their STEM classes. STEM students and teachers recognize that these real-world tools and technology simply enable and facilitate the STEM mindset. If students are interested in particular tools or technologies, they are encouraged to use them in their learning. For example, a student studying cell biology might choose to create a 3D-printed model of a cell organelle to facilitate or demonstrate something that they learned.

A STEM physics student studying 2D kinematics might choose to use 3D design software to model a catapult, then actually build the device in the MakerSpace. Many students learn best when creating and exploring. The STEM Academy is designed to provide student access to real-world, industry-standard tools for learning through creating.

Our foundational beliefs are that a NHHS STEM Academy education should:

  • ENABLE students to “see” the math, science and engineering in the world around them
  • DEVELOP and FOSTER a foundational STEM mindset through application of interdisciplinary thinking, problem-solving and communication skills
  • FACILITATE access to 21st century tools, learning and collaboration environments which mirror those found in universities and industry
  • ENGAGE students by encouraging learning through creative, relevant, self-directed inquiry
  • INTEGRATE STEM throughout core classes
  • RECOGNIZE and FACILITATE differences in learning styles and student interests
  • PROVIDE opportunities for real-world STEM experiences through guest lectures, field experiences, internships and STEMTALKS

Demonstration of Learning and Community Engagement

STEM Academy students are required to participate in at least three external events per year. These can include STEMTALKS, Robotics Competitions, Technology Fairs, TSA Challenges, STEM Saturday Workshops, STEM Outreach activities with schools & community organizations. By the end of their Senior year, STEM students are required to present an aspect of their portfolio in a formal STEMTALK.