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NHHS Counseling Department

4885 Mt. Vernon Rd.                Gainesville, GA 30506                Phone: 770-983-7331                        Fax: 770-983-7941

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00AM until 4:00PM

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Our Mission

The North Hall High School Counseling Department delivers a comprehensive school counseling program that advocates for the academic, career, and social/emotional mindsets necessary for students to become college and career ready. The counseling program is designed to encourage students to envision future successes even as they grow through daily challenges. As a result, students feel free to explore and take risks as they travel different paths to reach their own academic and personal potential. Counselors collaborate with teachers, parents, administrators, students, and community members to foster a positive school climate where all students are seen and have equitable access to educational resources and enriching opportunities during high school and beyond.

Our Vision

The North Hall High School Counseling Department envisions that all students will graduate with the knowledge, skills, and character necessary to achieve their post-secondary goals.  They will also become productive, resilient, and compassionate citizens prepared to make a positive impact within their ever-changing society. Skilled at solving problems with creativity, NHHS students will be tenacious as they influence change with wisdom and kindness.

Our Staff

Jan Black – School Counselor for Grades 9 and 12            Phone Extension:  709      Email: Jan.Black@hallco.org

Mary J. Lawson- School Counselor for Grades 10 and 11     Phone Extension: 708     Email: Mary.Lawson@hallco.org
Wes Macloskie– Graduation Coach for all Grades               Phone Extension: 713     Email: Wes.Macloskie@hallco.org

Isabel Smiley-Lewis- Records Clerk                                      Phone Extension: 707     Email: Isabel.Lewis@hallco.org
Sonya Cleveland – Data Clerk                                                  Phone Extension: 712     Email: Sonya.Cleveland@hallco.org

Dixie Clark – Bookkeeper                                                       Phone Extension: 711     Email: Dixie.Clark@hallco.org