Media Center Description

North Hall High School Media Center is a large and well-stocked collection of books, magazines, videos, computer resources and additional materials.  Students are encouraged to use the facility before class in the morning, after school and of course at times assigned by their teacher.  The media center is open from 7:30 AM to 4 PM daily. We provide a learning environment that is conducive for the students to become effective users of information, knowledge and the enjoyment of reading.  Empowering students with the abilities and experiences that will enable them to be competent users of these skills is our primary goal.  The media specialist provides instruction in the use of resources to support school assignments, reading, school programs, individual interests and hobbies. The media center has computers where students can access electronic encyclopedias and other database sources including Questia and SIRS Researcher.  Access to the Internet and GALILEO, the State of Georgia’s online virtual library is available.  GALILEO provides access to multiple information resources including over 200 databases indexing hundreds of periodicals and scholarly journals, encyclopedias, business directories, and government publications. Additional electronic resources and software include Microsoft products. In addition the media center maintains the Accelerated reader program for students.  After a student reads a book this program is used to quiz and evaluate the student’s reading comprehension by giving a 10-20 question test. Anytime you are in the Media Center, Mrs. Hammond or Mrs. Baker will be glad to assist you with needs and questions.