Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment is a program that provides funding for students at eligible high schools that are enrolled to take approved college-level coursework for credit towards both high school and college graduation requirements.

For more information about Dual Enrollment, watch this video.

Information about Hall County’s process for Dual Enrollment students is posted on this website.

North Hall High School students typically enroll at either Lanier Tech, The University of North Georgia, or Brenau University.  Some Dual Enrollment students take their classes at traditional college campuses while other students opt to take classes at Hall County’s  Early College at Jones campus. Students who take their dual enrollment classes at the traditional college campuses must provide their own transportation to and from the university of their choice. Students who attend Early College at Jones have transportation provided to and from their high school via school bus or they can provide their own transportation.

Each university has their own requirements for who they accept as Dual Enrollment students. Additionally, how classes transfer to post secondary institutions after high school graduation also varies based on which institution awarded credit to the Dual Enrollment student.

  • For more information about Dual Enrollment at Lanier Tech, visit this website. To apply for admission click on the bright yellow “Apply Now button in the top right corner of the website, create a new account, and complete the application.
  • For more information about Dual Enrollment at the University of North Georgia, visit this website. To apply for admission as a Dual Enrollment student at UNG, apply through GA Futures. You will need to login to GA Futures, then select the “College Planning” tab at the top of the screen. Then the “College Applications” button about half way down the page. Follow the instructions to complete the application for UNG.
  • For more information about Dual Enrollment at Brenau University, visit this website and scroll down to the Dual Enrollment section.  To apply for Dual Enrollment admission, click on the yellow button that says “Dual Enrollment Application” and follow the instructions.
  • For more information about Dual Enrollment at Ivester Early College, visit this website.  To apply to Early College go here.

How to Complete Your Funding Application (After you are accepted)