High School Planning

Learning Opportunities
Blended Learning NHHS students have the opportunity to enroll in Blended Learning courses which are a mixture on online work along with interaction with a Hall County teacher. Typically, students enroll in Blended Learning when there is a problem with their schedule that interferes with scheduling the student into a traditional classroom-setting course. Courses offered through Blended Learning are Chinese, Health/Personal Fitness, and Spanish. Students who perform well in the Blended Learning environment must possess technology skills, excellent time management, and self-motivation.
Summer School Every year, high school students have the opportunity to enroll in summer school. Each course costs approximately $200 and is completed online using the Edgenuity program. Students can take course to either recover credit after a course failure or to earn initial credit during summer school. Courses offered during summer school are typically core classes to meet graduation requirements. Summer school is only four weeks in length, so students need to be motivated to complete the coursework in an accelerated pace.
LCCA (Part Time) Lanier College and Career Academy (LCCA) is located in Oakwood. Students from NHHS may enroll in classes part time at this campus if they wish to complete the career pathways that are taught there. Transportation is provided to and from LCCA via school bus. Pathway areas include: Agricultural Mechanics, Agricultural Mechanics/Electrical Systems, Heating, Vent, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration, HVACR Electrical, Hospitality Recreation and Tourism, Culinary Arts, Personal Care Services/Cosmetology, and Marketing Communications and Promotion.
LCCA (Full Time)  The Lanier College & Career Academy mission centers on the philosophy of “LCCA Students are Job Ready”. In order to achieve our mission we have focused on the needs of local business and industry to enhance our instruction and develop programs that ensure our students gain the skills necessary to meet the demands of the job market. Our partnership with Lanier Technical College enhances this goal through dual enrollment course work.  Students will earn industry-recognized certifications, which can also lead to a diploma or degree in their specialized work-ready area. Hall County students now have a Program of Choice option that focuses on their desire to link passions of interest to real life experiences with our business and industry partners.  Students will be involved in youth-based apprenticeships that could lead to post-secondary full-time employment. Specialized Work-Ready areas are: Agricultural Mechanics/ Industrial Electrician Certification, Agricultural Mechanics/ with Welding Certifications, HVACR Basic Residential AC System Design Certification, Culinary Art Diploma with Certifications, and Cosmetology State Board Licensure.
Mountain Education Charter High School (MEC) The mission of MEC is to provide a second chance opportunity for students across North Georgia to earn an accredited High School Diploma in a student-centered, self-paced, evening public high school. MEC offers several options for coursework. If a student wishes to remain a NHHS student but take an additional course at MEC, they can enroll for the course and would be obligated to pay the tuition for any coursework taken.  If a student wishes to withdraw from NHHS and enroll full-time at MEC, then the education is free to the student because MEC is a public high school. Some NHHS students enroll at the Hall County MEC location in Oakwood and other NHHS students choose the White County location in Cleveland or the Lumpkin County Location, typically based on distance from home and traffic.
Edgenuity When students have failed a core academic course, they may opt to either re-take the course to earn credit in the traditional classroom setting or recover the credit using our Edgenuity lab. In the lab, students work online in a self-paced learning environment to spend time on content they have yet to master. Once they have completed the course standards, they can then earn a passing grade (70%) and post credit for the class.

Some students enroll in an Edgenuity course to earn initial credit for a course. This means they have never taken the course and have not had previous exposure to the course content. Students typically enroll in initial credit courses in the Edgenuity Lab when a scheduling issue interferes with completing graduation requirements or attendance issues have caused them to fall too far behind in their traditional course placement to successfully complete the course. When taking a course in the Edgenuity Lab for initial credit, the grade they earn as they complete the standards is the grade that gets posted to their transcript.

Georgia Virtual School  GA Virtual School is a program of the Georgia Department of Education’s Office of Teaching and Learning. The program operates in partnership with schools and parents to offer middle school and high school level courses across the state.  Georgia Virtual School provides a teacher led, virtual classroom environment. Georgia Virtual School has over 100 course offerings in the core content areas, world languages, CTAE, electives, and a vast AP course selection. If a student enrolls in a Georgia Virtual course as a part of their traditional 7 period day at NHHS, then the tuition for the course is covered by the school system. Students typically do this when scheduling problems interfere with their ability to enroll in the traditional course at NHHS or they wish to take a course that is not offered at NHHS.  An an administrator must approve the payment for any Georgia Virtual Course before it can be scheduled at NHHS. Additionally, students can enroll in courses at Georgia Virtual on their own time- in the evenings or during the summer. If they opt to do this, then they are responsible for paying the necessary tuition for their coursework.